Questions and Answers

Q: Which amendment of the IMDG Code is mandatory in 2023?
A:  Amdt 40-20. But you can already use 41-22.
Q: Do I need to be trained in order to offer a shipment of Dangerous Goods to a shipping line?
A: Yes. Based on your job-role you are required to be trained in at least some specified parts of the IMDG Code (See 1.3)
Q: Is it possible to accept a 4G box with a GW of 31 kg as Limited Quantity?
A: No, max limit is 30 kg (See 3.4)
Q: Is it allowed to load Class 5.1 and Class 8 in one container?
A: No, unless it is offered and shipped under Limited Quantity  (or EQ) rules and regulations.